Try one of our new Scale R/C pilots. Our pilots are realistic aerobatic and sport pilots. AEROWORKS pilots are extremely light weight and are professionally hand painted. Available in two different styles. Baseball cap pilot and head set pilot. Four colors to chose from. You can order by choosing the appropriate AEROWORKS airplane our you may chose a pilot by size by dimension.

Order based on your AEROWORKS plane
Have an Aeroworks plane? Order your pilot figure below simply by selecting the plane you have. It's easy!



Order based on pilot size
Have a plane that you need a pilot for? Great! We've offer a chart below that allows you some comparison of the pilot sizes so that you can better estimate the figure you need for you model.

Approximate Plane Size Width of Pilot Height of Pilot Price of Pilot
.60/.90 $29.95
25% $29.95
29% $29.95
30% 5.5" 4.75" $34.95
35% 6.25" 5.5" $39.95
40% 7" 5.75" $45.95