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Finally, a true 3-D trainer! Aeroworks now offers our big profile in an ARF version. This plane is designed as one of the largest and lightest 3-D trainers available. Due to its large size and extremely light weight, you can now own a 3-D airplane that is extremely easy to fly and learn 3-D at a low cost to you. We are not kidding when we say this plane will almost hover by itself. Available in two styles: red/white or blue/white. On the red version, red replaces all the blue you see in the demo planes.

Wingspan: 80 inches
Wing Area: 1600 square inches
Wing: 2-piece removable
Weight: 10-12 pounds depending on engine
Engine: 1.20 to 2.10
Servos: 70 ounce torque min

Airplane shown has been flown with an O.S. 160 and a Y.S. 140. Both engines provide awesome performance. For high altitude applications, we recommend the 1.80 to 2.10 size engines such as the Saito 1.80, Moki 1.80, or Moki 2.10

Sold Out!

New, enhanced version
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