Hahn’s 2.5 Gallon Electric Gas System HHNSGA

Hahn’s 2.5 Gallon Electric Gas System HHNSGA

Hahn’s 2.5 Gallon Electric Gas System HHNSGA

Backed by a One Year Abell Manufacturer’s Warranty the Hahn's  Hanger Electric Fueling System has been designed specifically for the RC Modeler. This Fuel System includes 2.5 Gallon Fuel Container with large opening for easy refilling. Concealed battery and charging jack. Built in safety "Top Gun" style On/Off switches eliminates accidental operation. Fuel system features easy battery access, two stage filter system, three feet of gas tubing, aluminum Tettra fuel probe and a can stabilizing bracket.

"Top Gun" Style Safety Switches - Lift cover to access switch, lift switch to start pump, push switch cover down to shut off pump and protect switch.

Top 10 Reasons That Make Hahn's™ Hanger Fuel Systems The Best
 1. Large Opening Can Available in 3 Colors for Gas, Glow and Kerosene
 2. Easy Access to Battery for Removal and Charging at Home or Field
 3. No Charging Adapter Needed
 4. Pump Sealed from Fuel Spills
 5. Pump Bracket Supports Weight of Pump
 6. No Modifications Needed for Fuel Lines or Pump Assembly Mounts
 7. Wide Base Fuel Can for Stability During Transportation
 8. Rugged, Durable Construction
 9. Heavy Duty Switch Covers to Prevent Accidental Operation
10. One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Finally a Simple and Easy to Carry “All In One” Fueling System!




Sealed Long Life Electric Motor
2.5 Gallon Gas Container
Large Fueling Cap to Allow Easy Refilling of Container
Concealed Battery Compartment - Battery Not Included
Easy Battery Access, Removable for Fast Charging
Three Feet of Gas Fuel Line
High Quality Aluminum Fittings
Safety Switches with Safety Covers
Two Stage Filter System
Aluminum Can Stabilizer Bracket
Recommended Battery - 4.8 to 7.4V, 1500 to 2600mAh

Battery Not Included




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