DLE 40cc

DLE 40cc

DLE 40cc

Compare the performance of DLE Engines to other leading brands and they're as good as anything out there. But compare them on price and value, and DLE is the clear winner. DLE Engines are priced well below (hundreds less than) comparable engines with electronic ignition, yet include a muffler and other items that are added costs on other engines.

Finding an engine with enough power for your model is easy. Finding an engine that offers you more than the DLE-40 Twin? That's next to impossible.

DLE offers the ease and efficiency of electronic ignition, the smooth operation and long life of an opposed twin and the incredible bang-for-the-buck that all DLE engines offer. Features that are extras on other engines are standard equipment on DLE engines. They run from high-dollar items such as electronic ignition and muffler(s) down to conveniences like mounts, spark plugs and connectors. Performance, plus – that's what you can expect from all DLE Engines.

Compare top-end performance to bottom-line price, and you'll discover that the best buy in gasoline performance is DLE!


Light, Efficient Design for a High Power-to-Weight Ratio
Lightweight Piston for Fast Acceleration
Excellent Compression and Low Vibration
CNC-Machined Parts for High Performance and Long Life
Sealed Crankshaft Bearings
Optimized Pumper Carb
Updated Mufflers for Sound Reduction
Excellent Aeration and Power
Phenolic Insert to Insulate Carb from Crankcase Heat
Composite Backplate Mount
Opposing Cylinders Dampen Vibration that Age Engines, Airframes and Reduce Engine Life


Displacement 40.0cc
Output 4.8 Horsepower @ 8,500 RPM
Engine Weight 2.58 Pounds
Muffler Weight 3.6 Ounces Each
Bore x2 1.26 Inches
Stroke x2 0.98 Inches
RPM Range 1,500 to 8,500
Warranty Two Year

Recommended 2 Blade Propellers
19 x 8
19 x 10
20 x 8
20 x 10





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