DLE 55cc

DLE 55cc

DLE 55cc

Compare the performance of DLE Engines to other leading brands and they're as good as anything out there. But compare them on price and value, and DLE is the clear winner. DLE Engines are priced well below (hundreds less than) comparable engines with electronic ignition, yet include a muffler and other items that are added costs on other engines.

The two things you can count on in giant scale. The first is that you can always use a little more power. And the second is that there's a DLE Engine to deliver it. The DLE 55 generates 2.2 to 4.4 more pounds of static thrust than the original DLE 50. That means you'll have the throttle response you need at any time and attitude...and the power you need to nail any maneuver you want to fly.

Compare top-end performance to bottom-line price, and you'll discover that the best buy in gasoline performance is DLE!


Three Crank Bearings, Simple Design for Lighter Weight
Double V-Type Reed Valves, Bottom Induction
Automatic Electronic Ignition 
Customized Carburetor
Special Aluminum Alloy Crankcase
Advanced CNC Machining 
High Quality Sealed Bearings
High Power-to-Weight Ratio
Includes Muffler
Includes Mount


Displacement 55.6cc
Output 5.5 Horsepower @ 7,500 RPM
Engine Weight 2.9 Pounds
Muffler Weight 3.5 Ounces
Bore 1.77 Inches
Stroke 1.38 Inches
Length 6.69 Inches
RPM Range 1,350 to 8,500
Warranty Two Year

Recommended 2 Blade Propellers
22 x 8 (Break In)
22 x 10
23 x 8
23 x 10



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