Extra 260 EP-3D ARF

Extra 260 EP-3D ARF

Extra 260 EP-3D ARF

Aeroworks is proud to add the Extra 260 EP-3D ARF to their line of Aircraft. This Series is top quality in both design and performance that has set a new standard for ARF aircraft. Designed with the customer in mind to provide the highest quality, light weight construction and fastest build time possible.

The Extra 260 EP-3D offers superb aerobatic performance, clean tracking and minimal coupling. As an extension of Aeroworks larger gas powered Extra 260 designs, this electric park flyer has many of the same high-performance traits as its larger brethren and in an inexpensive and approachable package.

The Aeroworks Extra 260 EP-3D is a great example of where electric flight and modern laser-cut ARF technology have taken the RC Hobby. This Park Flyer is quiet, inexpensive, convenient and durable with great performance. If you are looking for the same the Extra 260 EP-3D is definitely worth it!











Helpful Tip!  Related Products to this aircraft are listed below. For a complete listing of the Items Needed to Complete your build, please view the Assembly Manual in the MANUALS & REVIEWS Tab.


Strong Light Weight All Wood Construction
Professionally Covered in Light Weight Quality Film
Precision Laser Cut Lightweight ARF
Universal Engine Mount Included
One Piece Two Servo Wing
Large Control Surfaces Double Beveled for Maximum Throw
Side Force Generators
Awesome Knife Edge Performance
Tough Pre-Bent Wire Landing Gear
Full Decal Sheet
Complete Hardware Package Included
Detailed and Precise Assembly Manual

2 to 3 Hours Assembly Time


Wing Span 37 Inches
Wing Area 375 Square Inches
Length 35.5 Inches
Weight 16 to 17 Ounces (Ready to Fly)
Motor Electric
Radio 6 Channels Minimum

Recommended Power System:
Electric Motor
E-flite Park 400 to 450 Brushless Outrunner
Electric Speed Control
E-flite 20 Amp Brushless ESC
3 Cell 1300mAh LiPo

Recommended Servos:
Hitec HS-55 (Quantity 2)
Hitec HS-55
Hitec HS-55
*See Manual for Minimum Operating Speed - Torque Output

Replacement Parts:
Aeroworks offers replacement parts for all of our aircraft,
please call 303-371-4222 for price and availability.


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Color Scheme
Color Scheme Blue Top

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