MPI Digital Miracle Y Servo Reverser

MPI Digital Miracle Y Servo Reverser

MPI Digital Miracle Y Servo Reverser

Maxx Products MPI Miracle Y Servo Reverser plugs in between the receiver and servos to reverse the direction of one servo. It is useful where the radio system does not allow reversing of a particular servo, like flap, or dual elevator installations. The potentiometer is provided to adjust the center position of the reversed servo. Be sure to avoid over travel of the servo by moving the center excessively. The reverser is set for 1.5 millisecond center pulse systems, which are common today.

This reverser provides signal amplification and filtering. It is made to works with all radio systems. Be sure to check for proper operation before flying your model aircraft. While every effort is made to make this unit compatible with all systems occasional compatibility issues with certain combinations of equipment are always possible. MPI can’t be responsible for systems that are not ground tested prior to flight.

Note: Mount the unit away from fuel and water. Isolate it from vibration by wrapping it in foam.


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