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150cc Extra 260 ARF QB

150cc EXTRA 260 ARF-QB Quick Build

Aeroworks is proud to introduce their New line of QUICK BUILD Series Aircraft
Designed with the customer in mind to provide the highest quality, light weight construction and fastest build time possible.

Aeroworks has Raised the Bar
The QB Series is top quality in both design and performance that will set a new standard for ARF aircraft

With the Extra 260's unbeatable stability and precision flight characteristics it is certain to please both the beginner as well as the advanced competitor

Designed for both precision and 3D style flying this plane is sure to out perform all other aircraft.
The Extra 260 was designed from the ground up to be a top performing aircraft. Generous control surfaces and an awesome power to weight ratio make this a plane you'll want to fly every visit to the field!


Wing span 122 inches.
Wing Area 2609 sq. in.
Length (Rudder to front of cowl) 106 inches
Length (Rudder to spinner) 112 inches
Weight 37 to 38 lbs
Cowl Width 15 inches
Engine 150 cc
Radio 10 Channels minimum


Strong Light Weight Construction
Complete and Detailed Instruction Manual on CD
Painted and Pre mounted 7075 Aluminum Landing gear
Pre mounted Main Gear Cuffs
Complete High Quality SAE Hardware Package Included
Carbon Fiber rods provided to reinforce 4-40 pushrods
Machined aluminum engine stand offs included
Carbon Fiber Wing Tube
Carbon Fiber Stab Tubes
Professionally covered in ULTRACOTE™
Pre-Hinged from factory with Pin Point hinges (Ready to Fly) No gluing
Three Servo Wing
Two servo stabilizers
Large control surfaces double beveled for maximum throw
Pre Mounted Fiberglass Cowl and Wheel Pants
Two piece clamshell cowl
Cowl comes pre baffled for proper engine cooling
Pre Mounted and Tinted Canopy / Hatch assembly
Canister & Pipe READY!
Pre installed and fuel proofed engine box
Laser marked engine mounting templates provided
Templates provided for cutting out air exit holes at bottom of cowling
Custom Throw Meter Included
Extra Ultracote™ covering provided for small repairs
Two Fuel tanks One for your Smoke system

10 to 12 Hours assembly Time

Download Review (FLY RC MAGAZINE)

Download Manual - 42% Extra 260 QB

Download Canister Addendum - 42% Extra 260 QB – 03/01/07

Video - 07 Chattanooga 3D Jam

NEW!! Flying Video – Sean Mcmurtry - 2007

NEW!! Flying Video - Joe Hunt - 2007

Flying Video #1 – Sean Mcmurtry (Masters 2006) – Compliments "Flying Giants"

Flying Video #2 – Sean Mcmurtry (Masters 2006) – Compliments ""

Flying Video #3 – Sean Mcmurtry (XFC 2009)

New Video - DOD Fun Fly - 2009 – Compliments "DOD"

Parts Video “What you get out of the box”

Slide Show Compliments “ Joe Hunt”

Available in Two Color Schemes:

Red Original - On Order ETA Late October
Red with Black Checker - On Order ETA Late October

Sale Price (Plus $250 Truck Freight)
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