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What our customers are saying!

Customer Name: Tom Murray

Location: Fair Oaks Ranch, TX.

Hi Guys, Just maiden my new AW 60-90 Extra 300 with the DLE 20cc engine conversion. I really enjoyed putting this beautiful aircraft together; everything went together by the book. The DLE conversion went great, also by the book. 

The maiden flight went perfect, from take-off to landing. Not even a click of trim was needed. Required 2 oz of weight in the tail for a perfect CG. The plane weighed 7LB 2oz ready to fly without fuel.


This is my third really great AeroWorks airplane………..Looking for a fourth!

Customer Name: Bob Forest

Location: Kirkland Canada

Hi, My name is Bob Forest a very happy owner of your Sport Cub. I have a DLE 55 rear carb, rear muffler.  It is a very nice flyer. The only complaint I have is the attachment system for the struts at the fuse. I have replaced the nut and botls with the Clevis pins system. My suggestion would be to add these to your kits. The plane gets a lot of attention, especially when it is flying, I love to do touch and goes with it, as it is coming in for a landing, there is nothing prettier to look at.


Thanks for making a wonderful product!

Customer Name: Tony Brotherton

Location: Pueblo, Co.

Today I put the maiden on my 150cc Yak 55M. It’s powered by a ZDZ 180. The Yak is smooth and precise. It took nearly zero mixing. I mean 1% elevator to rudder mix, in one direction only!!! The snaps are explosive and stop on a dime. It has plenty of control in all three axis. The speed of the plane is slow, and the down lines even slower!!!


For you IMAC'ers, this is the one you want. Thanks Rocco!!

Customer Name: James D'Eliseo

Location: Olivenhain, CA.

Great job on this plane. The quality of the wood, design, and appearance are spot on!!! I'm really excited about getting the motor broken in and the plane trimmed to perfection. Loved this kit! I can't say enough about the quality of construction. 


Rocco outdid himself on this one!

Customer Name: Jonathan

Location: Salem, OR.

Finally got the Bravata out again for a fantastic 5 flights. The guys were happy to see it again for its size, beauty, and flying character. It sure is a graceful bird. My DLE-30 started and ran flawlessly, and I got to do the requisite loops, rolls, inverted flight, cuban 8's, reverse cuban 8's, and stall turns. I was surprised to find that the Bravata hovers easily, hanging vertically on its prop without much correction needed.

What a Beauty Love this Plane!

Customer Name: Tom Bell

Location: Round Rock, Texas

Tom Bell wins Best Cousin at the Austin Radio Control Association Cubs n’ Cousins event with his Aeroworks Cessna LC -126!


Love this plane!

Customer Name: Jeff Clark

Location: Sikeston, MO.

Just wanted to let you guys know I bought a 100cc ultimate back in January and flew it today. Absolutely a great aircraft. All I fly in giant scale is Aeroworks and this is another fine one. I have owned several of your planes and they are top notch.

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Customer Name: Alvie Gray

Location: New Castle, Colorado

Just returned from a week of flying out west to get out of the snow. Several flights on the new 120 Freestyle 260. Awesome airframe , you think it's just a 3D floater but it will do anything.......Fun to Fly!!!


Good Job Aeroworks!

Customer Name: John Rodgers

Location: Auckland, New Zeeland

Well today was Maiden Flight day for the Yak55M and as I thought it flies brilliant, thank you Aeroworks Team.

After building the Ultimate 150cc and flying it for the last two years I knew the Yak 55 would go just as great and it certainly did. I was impressed with the knife edge flight which didn’t need any mixing, impressive. I have the DLE222 up front, and Joe Hunt’s review is correct, you need to put the Rudder servos down the back. It is a little nose heavy but it flies great at that. I fly IMAC and don’t do the 3D stuff with it…young guy’s game that!!! There were only a few little mods in the build, but generally another awesome quality kit to build. I spent today just changing my settings for the snap and vertical up and down lines and flew most of the Advanced IMAC schedule. The snaps just land Brilliantly. Just a few clicks of elevator and aileron but it was a little windy so will check again.


 Thanks again for another awesome Aeroworks kit!

Customer Name: Esteban Fernandez

Location: Argentina, Cordoba, bell ville

In this year's competition I participate with my 50cc Extra 300 Aeroworks and was used throughout the competition, people were very moved by this model.This is called IMAC international competition aerobatic miniature. My club competed in the basic category. The plane has very good facilities and is the best I could get, here are photos of the competition.


The Best I Can Get!

Customer Name: Tom Murray

Location: Fair Oaks Ranch, TX.

Hello Aeroworks,

The Aeroworks P-51 D is my second AW plane and it managed to exceed my rather high expectations. My first AW project was a AW 30cc Ultimate. Both planes were built as recommended and with all specified engines and servos. Perfect combo’s for both aircraft. My P-51 D is a Masterpiece. The Ultimate is a great looking and performing machine.


Thanks Aeroworks for taking great care in your RC offering’s.

Customer Name: Ron Vanderhorst

Location: Morgan Hill, CA.

Just a quick note to say how much I like this plane. Flew it for the first time last Friday, several more since then, I just do loops and rolls, not 3D, plane fly’s great and very easy to land. I have it powered by an EME35.


Love this plane!

Customer Name: GARY GILLIS


I am having the most fun and successful flying season I have ever had in 42 years of flying R/C. The 60cc Freestyle QB-L has made that possible and has taken my confidence and flying skills to a higher level. I now have 135 flights on it since May. Flying precision and aggressive 3D, it has exceeded expectations. Thanks again for a great airplane design that truly lives up to your "World Class Aircraft" reputation.


I feel an incredible connection to the airplane It puts a big smile on my face every time I fly it!

Customer Name: Jehanzeb Zia

Location: Lahore Pakistan

Did my test flight of the Freestyle Extra 260 QB-L with DLE120cc. One amazing plane fly’s extreme 3d on demand and when your looking for a floater it becomes a trainer well done!!!  Team Aeroworks


Amazing Plane!

Customer Name: Jeff Deines

Location: Cody Wyoming

I purchased the plane in March and maidened it in May.  I have 50 flights on mine now; I find it to fly very precise, with no bad habits.  Minimal coupling in knife edge, and it takes everything I can throw at it in 3D:  poptops, blenders, crankshafts and knife edge spins, both vertical and horizontal, all look great!  Rolling circles and loops are nearly effortless.  Power with a GP123 and 29x9W carbon prop is awesome.  Long slow- and point-rolls are crowd-pleasers, and are so easy with this airframe that it makes me look like a better pilot than I am.

Effortless to fly!

Customer Name: Lawrence Vasquez

Location: Chino, CA

I’d like to share with you my 100cc EDGE 540 that I spruced up a bit with some striping. This plane fly’s great and is powered by a DLA 116 on canisters. I plan on using this plane in IMAC this next season. Thanks for a great flying plane.


Truly World Class!

Customer Name: Curt Sides

Location: Layton, Utah

My custom painted 100cc Edge 540 QB. Powered by a DLE 111 on tuned pipes.


Looks and Fly’s great!

Customer Name: James Deutsch

Location: Punta Gorda, FL.

I have just finished my Quick Build Aeroworks 150cc Extra 260. It has a DA-170 with canisters. The plane went together quickly with no problems. The instructions are excellent. It flew right off the board with no trim needed. I love the way it handles in the air. Visibility is excellent.

Thanks Aeroworks!

Customer Name: Vernon Nelson

Location: Topeka, Kansas

I am by no means close to being one of the great pro pilots with their skill levels, but I enjoy flying this plane just as much or more as they do. See my video under the media tab on the Carbon Cub page.


This plane is soooo fun to fly!!!  I just love it!!!

Customer Name: Joseph Bracho

Location: Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates

Dear AeroWorks Team

Just a quick thank you for the great customer service. I have successfully completed the MAIDEN Flight of my 100cc Extra 300. Excellent kit KUDOS!!!!

Captain Joseph Bracho

The difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary; is that little EXTRA!!